The J. Don Brock Memorial Scholarships

To honor the memory of ASTEC, Inc. founder, leader, mentor, and friend, James Donald Brock, PhD., PE (Oct. 20, 1938 – March 10, 2015) the company, ASTEC, Inc., and the employees of ASTEC, Inc. established the J. Don Brock Memorial Scholarship.

This scholarship has been created to benefit the children and grandchildren of ASTEC, Inc. associates. Recipients will be graduating high school seniors who are entering the University of Tennessee Knoxville or the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Two scholarships will be awarded annually. Don received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee. It is intended that this scholarship will honor Don by assisting students in their pursuit of a degree at his alma mater.

Don loved his customers and employees, who were among his many friends, and he served both as a “coach” and as a provider of solutions. His solutions included many game-changing innovations. He loved inventing and developing equipment and was passionate about helping others develop their abilities. As part of his passion, he greatly valued education. We believe he would be very pleased to know that his legacy is still helping people grow.

The scholarships will be given through a fund established for that purpose. The scholarship awards are controlled entirely by the University of Tennessee. Scholarship awards will be based on scholastic achievement, financial need, and other qualifications. Recipients will be entering freshmen pursuing bachelor's degrees in Engineering, Math, Science, or Business. Astec has no input into who wins the awards other than designating that they go to the child or grandchild of an ASTEC, Inc. employee.


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