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  • A purchase order number is required before dispatch
  • A minimum of 8 hours work will be charged per-visit
  • Stand-By Rates apply if held over weekend while no work on jobsite
  • All airfare, auto rentals, and all public transportation used will be at actual cost
  • All meals, hotels, and auto rental fuel will be at actual cost or ASTEC’s per diem rate
  • We reserve the right to request payment in advance
  • All invoices will be sent to you at the end of the month following completion of your project

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Terms and conditions

Work Rates Rate Coverage
$125.00/hour Up to 8 hours,
Monday - Friday
$187.50/hour All work over 8 hours,

Monday – Friday,
All Saturday Work
$250.00/hour All work on Sundays
& Holidays

Travel Rates Travel Coverage
$60.00/hour Travel to/from jobsite
$90.00/hour Travel to/from jobsite
Sundays & Holidays
$0.68/mile Travel to/from Chattanooga, TN

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