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Large Modular Wood Pellet Plants

The world’s first and only single-source, complete, wood pellet plant manufacturer.

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  • Produce quality pellets with any hardwood or softwood species
  • Modular design with replicated 20 mtph rated “lines”
  • No RTO needed to reduce VOCs
  • Quick setup and startup with guaranteed performance

Industry Leader

Astec, Inc. is a member of the Astec Industries, Inc. family of companies, a billion dollar per year corporation headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, USA. Astec Industries is dedicated to providing the finest equipment in the world to energy, infrastructure, and mining businesses.

Astec, Inc. Manufacturing Facility
Astec’s 575,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee USA.
Astec, Inc. Photos
Astec, Inc. is a member of the Astec Industries, Inc. family of companies, a billion dollar per year corporation headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, USA. Astec Industries is dedicated to providing the finest equipment in the world to energy, infrastructure, and mining businesses.

One Source Manufacturing

Wood Pellets

Astec, Inc. manufactures wood pellet plants and related equipment at a 575,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, TN. The vast majority of the manufacturing work at Astec revolves around metal forming, specifically cutting and bending, breaking and rolling plate or sheet metal. Within the Astec fabrication shops there are plasma tables, water jet, and laser cutting facilities. Astec fabricates and assembles each plant and components to customer specifications, utilizing a team of highly trained and experienced tradesmen. Astec manufacturing processes are highly refined and result in quality products that possess considerable life spans.

Astec Wood Pellet Drum Bay
Astec’s dedicated 23,800 sq. ft. pellet drum bay.

Proven Quality Components

Wood Pellets

Astec pellet plant’s components consist largely of tried and true equipment that has been in productive service and perfected for decades under extreme conditions of service worldwide.

These proven fabrication designs have been upgraded with the latest technology to provide the best possible wood pellet plant equipment in the world today.

Using proven equipment provides Astec wood pellet plant owners, investors, and lenders with a high level of product investment security.

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  • Heatec, Inc. Facility

    Heatec, Inc.
    Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc. Facility

    Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc.
    Yankton, South Dakota

  • Astec Mobile Screens, Inc. Facility

    Astec Mobile Screens, Inc.
    Sterling, Illinois

Components From Astec, Inc.

Live bottom feeder bins Electrical systems
Pre-dryers Cyclone separators
60 MMBTU burners Wood fuel feed bins
Biomass tube dryers Baghouses for dust removal
Refractory combustion chambers Long term conditioners
Waste screw conveyors Pellet coolers
Wood fuel system Pellet collecting conveyors
Screw conveyors for material Dust blowers
Wood fines conveying fans Bucket elevators
Fans and blowers Pellet storage
Material distributors Loadout systems
Ducts & dampers Pellet presses
Control systems  

Components From Astec Industries' Companies

Convectec® hot oil heater and hot circulating system (Heatec)
Expansion tank (Heatec)
Pump skid (Heatec)
High frequency screens (KPI-JCI-AMS)
- Green screens  
- Pellet screens  
Long-run belt conveyors (KPI-JCI-AMS)
Radial Stackers (KPI-JCI-AMS)
Linear stackers/Reclaim systems (KPI-JCI-AMS)

Drying Technology

Wood Pellets

Astec uses its own design of hot-oil tube dryers instead of the traditional air-swept rotary dryers which have inherent direct hot gas exposure to highly flammable wood dust and chips. All of the off-gases from the drying process are conveyed to the combustion chamber of the hot oil heater where any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fugitive wood dust are consumed, not released. This means that even very large Astec pellet plants may be operated without Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs).

wood pellet image
1) Oil Ports 5) Girth Sprocket
2) Return Piping Oil 6) Material Flights
3) Vent Doors 7) Heat Transfer Piping
4) Tire 8) Material Flow Screw

Astec uses rotary hot oil tube dryers that prevent material damage and assures even drying. This method keeps the drying chips in an almost oxygen-free environment. Very little oxygen means very little chance of fire or explosion.

The Astec Advantage

Wood Pellets

Astec, Inc., offers a complete line of plants and equipment for asphalt production, soil remediation, and wood pellet processing. In addition, Astec is committed to providing excellent customer service. Astec continues to strive for new ways to serve our customers with innovative products that help them reduce the cost of doing business. Astec operates three manufacturing facilities. Two Astec facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee and the Dillman facility in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin.

Astec wood pellet tube dryer loaded for shipping

Logistics Support
One truck-load at a time, around the corner or around the globe, Astec can coordinate, plan and schedule the shipment of your plant to your site. Our in-house shipping coordinators can schedule shipment to ensure that your new equipment arrives in good condition when and where you want it.

Astec Parts Photo

Parts Support

The Astec parts department has an excellent reputation of providing fast, professional customer care in getting the parts you need when you need them, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Astec Engineering Photo


Astec engineers know their stuff. They utilize SolidWorks 3D design software to help you build a plant that meets your needs now and in the future. Astec engineers have extensive field-experience and look forward to going to plant sites. Astec offers complete engineering services including foundation, structural and layout services and assistance. An on-staff Environmental Compliance Manager provides expertise to make the permitting process as easy as possible.

Astec Controls Photo


Astec, Inc. controls solutions are designed by a team of in-house controls engineers and simulated in our controls lab to integrate with your facility and process. The Astec wood pellet plant includes Astec controls which are designed to provide maximum real-time control of all operations. Astec also provides customers with controls training on-site, in person and also by telephone from plant set-up and throughout ownership.

Astec Service Photo


The Astec service team is available for calls and ready to dispatch personnel to keep your plant running. A fully staffed, dedicated service department means someone is available to offer assistance no matter the time or day.

  • Highland Wood Pellet Plant

    Highland Pellet Plant • Pine Bluff, Arkansas USA

  • Hazlehurst Wood Pellet Plant

    Hazlehurst Pellet Plant • Hazlehurst, Georgia USA