Astec Power Centers

Exploded view of Astec power centers

Power Center Features

  1. PBU metal siding, 26-gauge standard
    (Thicker gauge may be used in high wind areas.)
  2. R-13 fiberglass insulation between wall studs
  3. Continuous foam board insulation
    (when required by code)
  4. 12-gauge metal roof plate
  1. Elastomeric roof coating helps seal and protect roof
  2. Roof insulation
    (material and thickness to meet code requirements)
  3. Bent plate roof rafter
  4. 3/16” floor plate

The Strong and Smart Solution

Astec power centers are highly-durable and built to house motor control panels in a clean, controlled environment for these components. These power centers are built around a thick frame of high-strength, welded steel. Move them as often as you want. There’s no risk of warping.

Optimal Conditions for Power Panels

A climate-controlled power room provides an ideal environment for protecting motor control panels from dust, dirt, moisture and temperature fluctuations.

These highly functional work environments come completely equipped:

  • Portable or Relocatable
  • Thick frame of high-strength, welded steel.
  • 12-gauge steel roof with reflective coating to help keep the center cooler in the summer
  • Two Steel Entry Doors
  • Tough steel siding covers exterior walls
  • Wall-mounted HVAC helps protect power panels
    (HVAC units appropriate for climatic and equipment heat loads)
  • Insulated floors, walls and ceilings
  • Overhead lighting provides excellent visibility
Illustration of a portable Astec power center

Products shown are representative, details may vary. Equipment shown with options available at additional cost.


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