Self-Erecting Bins (SEB)

Made to Move

The highly portable Astec Self-Erecting Bin (SEB) self-erects in less than 15 minutes. Astec designed the SEB for its portable hot mix plants. The super functional SEB package combines several operations into a single unit: drag conveying, batching, surge/short term storage, truck loading and weighing.

Features & Benefits

  • SEB is one truck load.
  • Built-in running gear with airbag suspensions make moving easy.
  • Hydraulic cylinders raise the portable unit into place.
  • The SEB comes with a built-in, steel truck-loading platform for setup on level compacted soil.
  • No concrete foundations required.
  • Astec technology assures trouble-free operation and simplified maintenance of the entire system.

    Astec SEB Drag Chain

    The Astec drag conveyor is tough on the job. Formed from steel and lined with Ni-Hard, it is made to withstand the demands of steady asphalt production.
    • Tough 7-inch deep, steel horizontal flights are attatched every 12 inches.

      Tough Roller Chains Hold Thick Slats

      Strong, wear-resistant, 6-inch roller chain runs from the bottom to the top, with 3/4-inch thick, 7-inch deep, steel, horizontal flights attached every 12 inches. This tough chain has an ultimate strength of 140,000 pounds and rollers hardened to Rockwell 57.

    • Wide idlers prevent flights from hydroplaning, minimize vibration, and cause less wear on sprockets, liners and chains.

      Astec Drag Chains Ride Smoothly

      With wide idlers the flights don't skim or "hydroplane" over the mix. Mounted on floating hold-down bearings, these idlers also support the return portion of the chain and minimize vibration. As a result there is less wear to the sprockets, liners and the chain. Floating hold-down bearings have grease piping that lets you lube both sides from the conveyor.

    • Astec’s abrasion resistant liners are made to withstand steady mix production.

      Abrasion Resistant Liners

      Astec lines the bottom and sides of the conveyor with abrasion resistant liners.

    • Rockwell C60 hardened segmented sprockets allow one sprocket to be removed at a time, substancially reducing maintenance time.

      Astec Gives You Segmented Sprockets

      The drag chain rides on segmented sprockets located at the head and tail shafts. Hardening to Rockwell C60 gives the sprocket teeth a uniform, deeply hardened wear surface.

      Each sprocket bolts to a split hub. You can replace the sprocket one piece at a time without removing the chain, which drastically reduces the time and effort required. The bottom sprocket is adjustable so the drag chain can be tightened.

    Astec Portable Batcher and Surge Bin

    Astec's innovative batcher and surge bin are designed to minimize segregation and maximize efficient loadout.
    • A four ton batcher is installed at the top of the drag conveyor to collect mix.


      A batcher is installed at the top end of the SEB's drag conveyor. It has a capacity of four tons and collects the mix discharged from the drag conveyor. Segregation is minimized by dropping full batcher loads into the surge bin. While the batcher is filling, mix in the surge bin is weighed and may be loaded into a truck. The batcher and surge bin discharges are computer controlled so the batcher gates cannot open while the surge bin gates are open. If the batcher becomes full while the surge bin is making drops into a truck, the control system interrupts bin loadout long enough for the batcher to empty into the surge bin.

    • Batcher gate cylinders offer greater efficiency by reducing the amount of compressed air used.

      Batcher Gate Cylinders

      Batcher gate cylinders are located on the endplates of the gates for greater efficiency. This design more than doubles the force to open the gates while consuming less compressed air. The round shape of the batcher provides greater capacity and helps fight segregation.

    • Rounded bin corners, steep walls, and radial gates allow the Surge Bin to freely and quickly discharge mix to trucks.

      Surge Bin

      Rounded bin corners prevent mix build-up in the bin, and steep walls on the loadout cone let material flow freely. For loadout, two radial gates open at the bottom of the bin. The large bottom openings provide fast truck loading. The unique Astec discharge gate design minimizes segregation. Insulation around the cone also enhances good flow, especially if you have to hold mix in the bin for a while. Hot oil or electric heating for the cone is optional.

    • The very stable framework on an Astec SEB.

      Surge Bin Frame

      The Astec SEB features a strong skirt beam and solid bent plate corner supports provide a rigid and stable framework supporting the surge bin hopper atop the load cell package.

    • Load cells continuously weigh mix in the surge bin and are tracked by computer.

      Load Cells

      The surge bin rests on four shear-beam load cells that continuously weigh the surge bin to let the operator know how much mix is in the bin. Mix amounts dropped into the bin by the batcher are tracked by computer. Likewise, truck load-out weight is recorded by the computer and the system generates a printed ticket for each truck. The NTEP certified under slung load cell mounts provide accurate and reliable weighing and loadout performance. The under slung mounting feature ensures precise and stable bin positioning to achieve easy calibration and steady scale response.

    Controls & Options

    The Astec SEB provides you with the opportunity to configure your facility to better serve your customers and your community.
    • Astec’s state-of-the-art WM 2000 computer controls monitor mix amounts dropped into the bin by the batcher.

      Control Centers

      The standard 12x12 foot control center is a fully equipped, climate controlled plant operating environment. Like all Astec control centers, it comes completely wired and with all controls installed.

    • Pre-wired Control Houses are mounted on the frame of the SEB for simplified transportation.

      Choices on Control Centers

      Astec control centers can be permanently mounted on the frame of the SEB or remotely postioned.

      An optional, larger “pilot” control center, with room for an office, is also available.

    • Optional emission-capturing canvas covers fasten to the top of the SEB.


      Emission-capturing canvas covers and load-outs tunnels as well as articulating suspension are available.