Dillman Silo Systems

Dillman Overnight Silos for Asphalt Facilities.

Maximize production capabilities and reduce segregation with an advanced silo system from Dillman. Engineered for maximum performance and manufactured for years of reliable service, a Dillman Silo System is built to provide the highest efficiency at the lowest possible cost. These silos are stacked with features not found on competitive equipment; the Dillman Silo System is engineered and manufactured to withstand today’s high production requirements.

System capacities from 100 ton single bins to 3,000 ton multiple bin systems. Custom arrangements can be configured for your requirements.

Silo Diameter and Capacity

Dillman silos are available in either a 11.5 ft. (3.50 meters) or 12.5 ft. (3.81 meters) diameter of the following capacities:

Tons 100 150 200 250 300
Metric Tons 91 136 181 227 272

Capacities are based on 120 lbs/cu. ft. for mix (0.5 metric tons / cu. meter).

    Highest Quality

    Dillman silos are built top to bottom with the highest quality materials and loaded with dependable features.
    • Dillman silos feature OSHA standard handrails, walkways and decking.

      Handrails, Walkways, and Decking

      OSHA standard handrail, walkway and checker plate decking are standard on all Dillman silos. The integral kick plate on the top deck eliminates spillage down the sides of the silo.

    • Cross bracing on silo legs.
      Steel beam legs are welded on to the silos to reduce set-up time when the silos arrive on site.


      Dillman silos feature an all welded support structure. Heavy-duty steel beam legs with cross bracing offer structural integrity for all seismic zones. Welded-on legs reduce set-up time.

    • Safety gates provide a crucial back up to the dual clam gates.

      Dual Clam Gates

      The dual clam gates on the silo allow for more even and accurate loading. Includes safety gates which act as a backup to the clam gates. The safety gates can stop the silo from emptying out on a truck, preventing a serious accident.

    Increased Productivity

    With Dillman silo systems, contractors can achieve increased production runs, improved truck turnaround times and an on-hand inventory of different mix designs.
    • A combined five inches of insulation surrounds each Dillman silo.

      Silo Insulation

      Industrial grade insulation maximizes heat retention. 10” of insulation in the top deck and bottom enclosure, plus 5” running the entire length of the silo helps you store mix overnight.

    • Hi-lo bin indicators.

      Prevents Drops Into the Cone

      If the mix level falls below the top of the cone, the level indicator signals the silo discharge gate to remain closed. To open the gate and empty the cone in this situation, you manually override the gate controls. This is because if mix dropped from the batcher is allowed to impact the cone directly it can cause unnecessary wear, or segregate on impact against sloped cone walls.

    • Optional hot oil heating system on the Dillman silo cone being installed.

      No Heat Loss Through Astec Cones

      Unheated cones cause excessive mix heat loss. Our heating system operates during fill/run and storage modes. Together with the cone insulation the system works to keep mix in the cone hot.

      A silicone electrical blanket surrounds the cone. A heat indicating controller turns the blanket on when the temperature drops below a selected point. This sensor saves you money because the energy to heat the cone is used only when required. Hot-oil heating is available as an alternative to the electric blanket.

      Four inches of insulation on the outside of the cone's bottom portion help hold in the heat. A partition covered with a six-inch layer of insulation forms a warm, dead-air space around the top portion of the cone for even greater energy savings.

    • Truck scales provide accurate load-out and quick turnaround time.

      Protect Critical Areas

      Mix can be abrasive and can wear on the area where the cylinder and silo cone meet. Astec lines this area with abrasion-resistant steel liners. Optional ceramic liners are available.

    Built For Long Life

    Rugged features are solidly constructed to stand up to years of hard work at an asphalt plant.
    • Chain tension indicator alerts operator to tighten.

      Exclusive Chain Tension Indicator

      The Dillman exclusive chain tension indicator saves time by letting the operator know when the chain needs to be tightened. This smaller sized roller is positioned so that as the chain stretches and sags the roller will start to turn. An operator will know that the chain needs to be tightened when the roller starts to turn.

    • Heavy-duty drive chain.

      Drag Slat Drive System

      A powerful drag slat drive system is equipped with a heavy duty drive chain, segmented sprockets, gear reducer and hydraulically operated take-up assembly.

    • Drag Slat.

      Drag Slat

      The Dillman drag slat at 50” deep and 36.5” wide is the largest in the industry with a capacity of up to 750 tph (680 metric tons per hour). Single or double sided stairways are available. The massive single chain arrangement has A-36 slats. Tri-segmented sprockets allow for easy maintenance, drastically reducing the time and effort required to change. Wear resistant high chrome flooring with integral side-wall liners offer significant wear resistance. The high chrome liners are bolted in for easy replacement. Also includes hydraulically adjusted take-up assemblies, special anti-warp access doors, an all welded U-box frame and floating and fixed idlers.

    • Tri-segmented sprocket for easy maintenance.

      Hydraulically Adjusted Take-Up

      The hydraulically adjusted take-up makes it easier to adjust the main chain in the drag instead of having to use a jack, porta power or manually wrenching the adjustment bolts.

      Heavy-Duty Single Chain

      This single chain arrangement for the main drag is equipped with extra hard rollers, pins and bushings for increased operational life. Thick all-welded reinforced slats decrease maintenance.

    Trouble-Free Operation

    Dillman drag slat and transfer conveyors are ruggedly constructed with an all welded U-box frame and constructed to provide years of trouble-free operation.


    With a Dillman silo, you will have an opportunity to configure your facility with options to better serve your customers and your community.
    • Blue smoke systems collect hydro-carbon vapors at mix transfer points.
      Load out tunnels capture unwanted vapors.
      Fiberbed mist collectors help meet stringent environmental compliances.

      Optional Blue Smoke Packages

      Blue smoke (hydro-carbon vapor) is generated at mix transfer points. Blue smoke is actually a haze of petroleum droplets suspended in the air. The blue smoke collection system prevents the vapor from escaping when asphalt is transferred from the mixer to the storage silo. The blue smoke system captures the vapor and uses a fan to transport it back to the drum where it is incinerated by the burner flame. The result is extremely effective. Virtually no blue smoke escapes into the air during silo filling.

      Load-out tunnels and fiberbed mist collectors can also be supplied for installations where environmental compliance is a priority.

    • Optional weigh batchers can be used on silos without truck scales.

      Low Profile, Electronic Scales

      The LPSII truck scale is a totally electronic scale with a low profile. It only needs small foundation pads at each load cell. Weigh sections have checkered-steel deck plates. The scale is wired in conduit. When a silo is used without a truck scale, Dillman can provide an optional weigh batcher.

    • Stand Alone Control Panels

      Dillman silos are as well suited to retrofit applications as they are to new plant installations. The optional stand alone control panel is designed to integrate into any brand control system.