Frac Pack Sand Drying Plants

Astec Frac Pack Sand Drying Plant Side Elevation

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Frac Sand Sales Engineer

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Astec created the industry’s first, full, single-source dry plant for the proppant (frac. sand) and other sand processing industries. This rugged plant is engineered from the ground up to withstand non-stop operation, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, year after year. As the United States’ largest manufacturer of asphalt plant equipment, Astec has built its reputation as the most resilient drying, storage systems, and controls, with world renowned service. Our high-frequency screens are the toughest, most versatile, and most efficient available. After you are up and running our service and parts team will be available to ensure a finely tuned plant.


Our in-house service technicians and our traveling service personnel are responsive and available around the clock. Talk to anyone who runs Astec equipment. Astec service is unmatched in the industry.


Astec Parts has over 600 combined years of experience to help you keep your plant running. Items for many brands and types of feeders, conveyors, dryers, baghouses, silos, and controls are available. The Parts Pros are available around the clock to help with OEM parts for Astec or competitors.

Astec Frac Pack Sand Drying Plant Features

1.) Storage Silo

Astec storage systems come complete with bucket elevators, traverse conveyors, and loadout. Silo support structures are designed to meet the site specific design criteria at your location, based on the current building codes in your state. Our structural engineering staff will design your foundations, based on soil conditions at your site.

2.) Safety Handrail and Ladders

Handrails and guards meet MSHA requirements. Access platforms make it easy to service equipment.

3.) Fines Silo (Optional)

Fines can be stored in an optional dust silo for easy disposal.

4.) Baghouse

The complete system consists of a primary dust collector (inertial separators or cyclone), an enclosed fabric filter structure (baghouse), and a draft package that includes the fan, variable frequency drive, and ductwork.

5.) Veiling

Material veiling in the rotary mixer

Veiling flights used with VFD provide greater uniformity of the sand veil through the hot gas stream.

6.) Burner

Astec burners offer the latest in reliable burner technology, combined with complete one-source responsibility. The Astec group engineers the burners to customer specifications and manufactures each in a state-of-the-art facility.

7.) High Frequency Screen

Sealed tight to eliminate dust emission on the screen and utilizes pipe outlets at the discharge ends of the screen decks. Four electric vibrators mounted below screens, directly induce vibrating action. All vibrators have adjustable amplitude settings on adjustable slip counterweights.

8.) Collection Piles

9.) Control House and Controls

10.) Feeder Bins

Stand up to front-end loaders and abrasive materials, year after year.

Bulkheads extend the length of the bin to grade. Ample space behind the bulkhead creates a walkway for easy access. Hinged wing walls make grading to bin simple.

Dancing plate bin vibrators provide better material flow.

* Volume will depend upon moisture content.