Versa Jet™ Burners

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The Astec Versa Jet burner is an evolutionary leap forward. One versatile platform can be quickly configured to fire at 25, 35 or 50MM BTU/hr. Ideal for retrofit applications or anytime versatility and flexibility are prioritized, the Versa Jet burner fits nearly any drum configuration.


An ingenious base platform can be easily modified to conform to a number of different drum styles. This highly adaptable burner combines three burner packages in one platform which can be easily adapted for the system at the install site.

Ideal for Retrofits

Upgrade your performance or maintain compliance by upgrading a less efficient or obsolete burner with a new Versa Jet burner. The Astec Versa Jet burner is ideal for retrofit applications. An adaptable design is compatible with virtually all drum designs without complicated drum modifications.

Quick Delivery, Quick Setup

The unique platform of the Astec Versa Jet burner permits quick delivery and setup. Minimizing downtime maximizes profitability and the streamlined design of Versa Jet burner ensures that these burners are ready to ship to your site quickly and can be installed with minimal modifications needed.

Fuel Train Options

The standard Versa Jet burner platform does not include the fuel train. This versatile burner can be used with an existing fuel train. A fuel train is available as an option, either as a collection of components to be field assembled or a fully assembled straight-line rack mount.


Model Rated Capacity Millions of BTU/HR
(with 20% XSA)
Nominal Aggregate Drying Capacity TPH
(at 5% moisture)
Burner Air Capacity SCFH
Integral Blower Horsepower Oil Atomizing Air Requirement SCFM
(Low Fire / High Fire)
Above conditions are standard at 75° F at sea level. See detailed capacity, performance sheets for each size for more information and specific flows and pressures. Nominal aggregate drying capacity based on typical exhaust stack temperatures of 240° F, 0.2 BTU/Lbm F specific heat in the aggregate. Burner maximum design capacity is 100% of rated capacity. Advertised numbers are achievable in some conditions, but not guaranteed.
VJ-25 25 100 302 25 60/45
VJ-35 35 150 423 25 60/45
VJ-50 50 200 603 25 60/45