Astec Burners

Astec burners offer the latest in reliable burner technology combined with complete one-source responsibility. With retrofit capabilities, Astec is able to offer everything from a simple burner replacement to a complete installed system. Astec's burner group engineers the burners to the specifications of each customer and manufactures each in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Prior to shipment, each burner is tested on one of Astec’s two multi-fuel (oil, natural gas, coal & propane) test stands to ensure fast and easy start-up at installation.

  • Astec Phoenix Coal burner

    Phoenix® Coal

    The ASTEC Phoenix® Coal burner utilizes an innovative combustion technology to provide a reliable alternative energy source. Thanks to the latest multiple-fuel burning technology, the Phoenix Coal burner provides dependable performance by burning coal as an alternative to oil or natural gas.


  • Astec Phoenix Phantom burner

    Phoenix® Phantom

    Astec’s premium Ultra-Low NOx Phoenix® Phantom burner leads the pack with the lowest available combustion and noise emissions (gaseous fuels only). The Phantom also achieves the highest electrical energy efficiency with innovations like variable speed drives and offers advanced mixing technology and the latest technological innovations to deliver the absolute minimum gaseous emissions available today.


  • Astec Phoenix Talon burner

    Phoenix® Talon

    The Astec Phoenix® Talon II utilizes the latest burner technology to deliver very low emissions combined with energy efficiency. With the optional silencing package, it’s even possible to have a phone conversation on the burner platform while it is firing.


  • Astec Phoenix Fury burner


    A robust build and simple, accessible construction makes the Fury burner a great cost-effective choice. Compared to other open-fired designs, the Fury burner achieves better emissions and fuel-efficiency by putting 50% more combustion air through the burner.


  • Astec Whisper Jet burner

    Whisper Jet®

    The ASTEC Whisper Jet® burner delivers unmatched reliability and hassle-free maintenance. The Whisper Jet® burner cleanly and efficiently burns oil, natural gas, or propane and its compact flame makes it compatible with virtually all drum designs without complicated adjustments.


  • Astec Versa Jet burner

    Versa Jet™

    The Astec Versa Jet burner is an evolutionary leap forward. One versatile platform can be quickly configured to fire at 25, 35, 50, 65, 75, or 100MM BTU/hr. Ideal for retrofit applications or anytime versatility and flexibility are prioritized, the Versa Jet burner fits nearly any drum configuration.