PMII-B Continuous Mix Blending Controls

30" (76.2cm) Console with Manual Controls

PMII controls and monitors proportional control of aggregate feeders and the blending of asphalt, recycle, shingles, and additives. PMII is ideal for retrofit applications.

Monitor showing the PMII-B continuous mix blending controls software

Operator friendly Windows® based interface.

The PMII replaces existing PM96 control systems or can be installed new. The reliable Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) helps reduce control system downtime. PMII helps you meet or exceed state automation requirements. This flexibility also allows the control system to be easily and cost-effectively upgraded as needs change. Optional remote PC control software allows diagnosis of control system problems via the internet (high speed internet access required).


  • 6 virgin aggregate bins
  • Aggregate virgin recycle belt scale
  • Recycle bin over recycle belt scale
  • Mineral filler (volumetric or gravimetric)
  • Additive pump
  • Asphalt pump (temperature compensated)
  • Calibration for all scales, pumps and feeders
    • Operator selectable automatic feeder calibration
    • Multiple material calibration for bins
  • Unlimited mix designs stored on hard disk drive
  • Material mix design tolerances
  • Material mix start/stop timing
  • Software
  • Console


  • Junction box
  • Industrial computer
  • Windows® operating system
  • Removable hard drive
  • Backup hard drive
  • Ethernet data port
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) maintains power on computer after loss of electrical power to enable orderly shutdown of the system, Manual Backup Units (MBU) all blend materials
  • Standard Ingredients: 6 feeder, 1 RAP, 1 mineral filler, 1 AC


  • Text message and logging of all system errors
  • Audible alerts for key system errors
Control panel for the PMII-B continuous mix blending controls
Control panel for PMII-B continuous mix blending.


  • Additional recycle bins (up to 3, total of 4)
  • Total of 12 MBU's in 30" (76.2cm) console
  • Weighing feeders


  • Additional mineral filler [lime] (up to 2, total of 2)
  • Analog (DC voltage or current) drive control

 For your peace-of-mind, Astec stands by the PMII by providing emergency support that's just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Specifications subject to change with or without notice.