Astec Control Centers

Exploded view of Astec control centers and control houses

Control Center Features

  1. PBU metal siding, 26 gauge* standard
    *Thicker gauge may be used in high wind areas.
  2. R-13 fiberglass insulation between wall studs
  3. Continuous foam board insulation†
    † when required by code
  4. Interior wall panels with textured surface
  5. 12 gauge metal roof plate
  6. Elastomeric roof coating helps seal and protect roof
  1. Roof insulation‡
    ‡ material and thickness to meet code requirements
  2. Bent plate roof rafter
  3. Thermal pane windows with low-e coating
  4. Highly-durable, rubber floor covering
  5. 3/4" tongue and groove floor decking
  6. "Pin on" gooseneck for easy removal

The Strong and Smart Solution

Astec control centers are super-durable and built to perform in the toughest environments. Control centers serve as command central for the entire plant. From here, the process of making mix is controlled with our exclusive computerized plant operating system.

These highly functional work environments come completely equipped:

  • Portable or Relocatable
  • Thick frame of high-strength, welded steel.
  • 12-gauge steel roof with reflective coating to help keep the center cooler in the summer
  • Steel Entry Door
  • Tough steel siding covers exterior walls
  • Central heating and air-conditioning system for operator comfort
    (units are sized for climatic and equipment heat loads)
  • Insulated floors, walls and ceilings
  • Windows are tinted and coated with anti-glare material
  • Overhead lighting provides excellent visibility
  • Built-in ticket window
  • Removable interior wall panels covered with soil-resistant vinyl material
  • Ultra-durable, rubberized floor covering

An Ideal Work Environment

The control center is a nice office space that gives the operator an excellent view of the facility. The Astec control center design reduces operator fatigue and helps your crew perform at top efficiency. All controls are factory-installed and fully tested prior to delivery.

Illustration of a portable Astec control center or control house

Products shown are representative, details may vary. Equipment shown with options available at additional cost.


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