Voyager™ 140 Portable Asphalt Plants

140 MTPH Portable Asphalt Plant

The Astec Voyager 140 is based upon Astec’s proven Double Barrel® drum mixer. With production capacity of 140 tonnes/hr and RAP mixing capability of 50%, the Voyager 140 sets the standard for portability, production, and sustainability.

Small plant footprint, big plant features. The Astec Voyager 140 plant delivers full-size plant features in a compact highly-portable configuration. Each component is designed to maximize mix quality while also maintaining portability and set-up ease.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact and highly portable
  • Produces mix with up to 50% RAP content
  • Double Barrel drum features Astec v-fights
  • V-flights provide greater uniformity of the aggregate veil during drying, which results in better heat transfer, a reduction of fuel use and increased productivity
  • Pulse Jet Baghouse with Aramid bags ensures that the Voyager 140 effectively minimizes environmental impact
  • Modular design provides added flexibility

Voyager 140

Double Barrel®
Drum Mixer

Drag Conveyor
and Batcher

Air Filtration

Control System

Bolt Together

Voyager 140

1.) Safety Handrails and Ladders

Safety handrails and ladder come pre-installed for added safety and ease of access. ladders and handrails fold down for transport mode.

2.) Mix Transfer and Truck Loading

From the standard, manually-erected drag conveyor and batcher to the optional self-erect drag and silo, the Voyager 140 is ready to get mix to the road. Each component is designed to maximize mix quality by eliminating the potential for mix segregation.

3.) Recycle Inlet

Recycle inlet allows for the introduction of up to 50% RAP when utilizing optional recycle bins. A divert chute is included to simplify calibration and allow for quick and easy bin clearing.

4.) Pulse Jet Baghouse

35,800 m3/hr (21,125 CFM) Pulse Jet baghouse with 260 Aramid bags collect fines and ensure that the Voyager 140 effectively minimizes environmental impact. The compact design maximizes portability.

5.) Primary Collector

Coarse fines are separated from fine particulates using an inertial separator. The fine particulates pass through the separator and are collected in the baghouse to be returned to the mix or diverted with optional equipment. (not shown in illustration)

6.) Inspection Door

Generously-sized access doors are provided at critical locations to minimize maintenance and inspection time.

Voyager 140

7.) Dust Return System

The course fines separated at the primary collector are returned to the mix through the dust return system. Common, easily-accessible, screw conveyor drives minimize critical spare parts inventory. The fixed screw conveyors enable fast set-up times.

8.) Double Barrel® Drum

The Voyager 140 uses the proven technology of a Double Barrel drum mixer to continuously produce up to 140 tonnes/hr (154tph). Astec’s proven v-flights come standard and provide uniformity of the aggregate veil for effective and efficient heat transfer. Produce mix with up to 50% RAP with optional RAP bins.

9.) Air Ride Suspension

Adjustable air-ride suspension improves travel over unimproved roads and takes the Voyager 140 from travel mode to operation quickly – minimizing expensive set-up time.

10.) Weigh System

The Voyager 140 features adjustable gates, available weighing feeders, gravity take-up, weigh scale, and proven accessible drive systems for accurate aggregate metering.

11.) Large Bin Features

Modular 2.9 m x 3 m (9.5 ft x 10 ft) bin design offers full-size plant features such as ample capacity, sloped bin walls for smooth flow, and self-relieving bin openings for even feeding.

Astec Burners

Big burner features and performance at just the right size. Astec offers the most technologically advanced burners in the industry.

Whisper Jet® Burner

The Astec Whisper Jet burner delivers unmatched reliability and hassle-free maintenance. The Whisper Jet burner cleanly and effectively burns oil, natural gas, or propane.

Astec Whisper Jet Burner

The compact flame shape eliminates drum overheating and does not require complicated flame shape adjustments for combustion efficiency.

The heavy-duty main fan damper is constructed to provide years of trouble-free operation.

A patented nozzle design promotes more rapid mixing and combustion.

Phoenix® Talon II™ Burner

The Astec Phoenix Talon II utilizes the latest burner technology to deliver very low emissions combined with the electrical energy efficiency and quiet operation due to its variable frequency drive (VFD) blower.

Phoenix Talon II Burner

Fury™ Burner

A robust build and simple accessible construction makes the Astec Fury burner a great cost-effective choice. Compared to other open-fired designs, the Fury burner achieves better emissions and fuel efficiency by putting 50% more combustion air through the burner.

Phoenix Fury Burner


Model Burner Type Rated Capacity Millions of BTU/HR
(with 20% XSA)
Rated Capacity
(with 20% XSA)
Integral Blower
Integral Blower
Whisper Jet Total-Air 38.5 11.3 40 29.8
Phoenix Talon II
Total-Air 35 10.3 30 22.4 (VFD)
Fury Open-Air 35 10.3 40 29.8

Above conditions are standard at 75o F (24˚C) at sea level. See detailed capacity, performance sheets for each size for more information and specific flows and pressures. Nominal aggregate drying capacity based on typical exhaust stack temperatures of 240o F (115˚C), 0.2 BTU/Lbm F specific heat in the aggregate. Advertised numbers are achievable in some conditions, but not guaranteed.

Phoenix Fury Burner

RAP % 50% RAP (base) at 3% moisture
Number of Loads 4 Loads (Includes Drag/Batcher and Control Cabin) 3 loads without RAP Bins
Drum (Diameter: ft; m) Double Barrel (5 ft, 1.52m)
Veiling Flights Astec V-Flights
Mixing Method Sequential Mixing Chamber
Number of Cold Feed Bins Up to 4 Aggregate Bins
Number of RAP Bins Up to 3 RAP Bins
Scalping Screen Optional; Requires Separate Load
Particulate Emission Control Pulse-jet Baghouse (260 Bags, 21125 ACFM)
Primary Collector In-line Vortex Inertial Separator
Dust Handling Return All/Divert Some or All
Controls PM2-V/PM2-C
Control House Stand-alone Cabin Control House
Burner Fury™/Whisper Jet®/Phoenix® Talon™ II
Hydraulics Mixing Chamber Inspection Door, Baghouse Stack
Load Out Truck Scale (not included)
Weigh System Aggregate/RAP Weighbridge
Feeder Configuration Volumetric/Gravimetric
Drag Conveyor Relocatable Stand-alone (base) or Portable Stand-alone (optional)
Batcher Drag-mounted Batcher
Surge Bin Optional
Silo Optional
Drag chain construction 4” Pinch Roller Chain
Drag liner material AR400 (Standard)
Safety Features CE
Suspension Type Air Suspension
Available Options DBX Configuration; Wear Package; Enhanced RAP Package