Wood Pellet Plants

The Astec Advantage

  • The first USA manufactured complete wood pellet plant producer
  • One source for complete installation plus 24/7 support and service
  • Innovative, industry-changing complete plant design and features
  • Any wood species, with no thermal oxidizer required
  • Emissions below Title 5 threshold up to 850,000 tons per year
  • Quick assembly and startup with guaranteed production rates

Astec's ground-breaking, state-of-the-art wood pellet plant features a number of industry-firsts and is poised to change the wood pellet production industry. Astec, Inc. is a member of the Astec Industries, Inc. family of companies, a billion dollar per year corporation headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, USA. Astec is dedicated to providing the finest equipment in the world to infrastructure, energy and forest businesses.

The modular design with replicated parallel lines results in there being very few points in the process where any equipment failure can shut the entire plant down. In most other plants, a dryer outage would mean a total plant shutdown. In a 60 TPH Astec plant, a dryer outage means the plant continues to operate at 40 TPH. In fact, there are very few reasons why the plant would ever be completely shut down. Even major maintenance cycles may be performed line-by-line while the plant continues to operate on the other lines. Redundant design reduces down time.

  • Each plant consists of 20 TPH rated "lines".
  • Each line is in effect a plant module.
  • For plants larger than 20 TPH, additional lines are provided. For instance, a 60 TPH plant consists of [3] 20 TPH lines.

For more information, contact Corey Glenn (423) 867-4210

Illustration of an Astec tube dryer
Hot Oil Tube Dryer
Illustration showing a wood pellet plant layout with three production lines
Modular Pellet Plant Layout

Innovative Modular Design

ASTEC pellet plants are relatively quick and easy to set up and start up due to ASTEC's modular design concept. Most major plant components are preassembled in our shops and shipped to your site ready to lift from the truck and set directly into operating position on an asphalt or concrete pad.

Proven Components

The Astec pellet plant's components, almost all of which are built by Astec in our manufacturing facilities located in Chattanooga and other U.S. cities, consist largely of tried and true equipment that has been in productive service and perfected for decades under extreme conditions of service worldwide.

These proven fabrication designs have been upgraded with the latest technology to provide the best possible wood pellet plant equipment in the world today.

Using proven equipment, with many possible applications, provides Astec wood pellet plant owners, investors, and lenders with a high level of product investment security.

Major components include: live bottom cold feed bins, a pre-dryer, 40M BTU convectec heater, 60M BTU burner, bio-mass tube dryer, waste screw, 4,000 gallon hot oil expansion tank, wood fuel skid, screw conveyors, distributor screws, wood fines conveying fans, pellet conveying fans, 50,000 ACFM scavenge baghouse, long term conditioner, pellet cooler, pellet collecting conveyor, dust blower, bucket elevator, 5,000 cubic feet loadout silos.

Quick Startup

The Astec suspension wood dust burners allow quick plant startups and shutdowns. Unlike traditional burner systems that typically take all day or more to "get up to speed", Astec plant startups can go from dead cold to producing pellets within as little as two to three hours.

The Astec burner system is a multi-fuel burner that may be fueled by wood dust simultaneously with natural gas, oil, or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Superior Drying and Emissions

The Astec pellet plant's superior drying and emissions controls technologies enhance safety, performance and produce less emissions.

We do not use traditional air-swept rotary dryers with inherent direct hot gas exposure to highly flammable wood dust and chips. All of the off-gases from the drying process are conveyed to the combustion chamber of the hot oil heater where any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fugitive wood dust are consumed, not released. This means that even very big Astec pellet plants may be operated without RTOs.

Superior Safety

We use rotary hot oil tube dryers. Drying by this method keeps the drying chips in an almost oxygen-free environment. Very little oxygen means very little chance of fire or explosion.

Controls Solutions and Training

Astec, Inc. controls solutions are designed by a team of in-house controls engineers and simulated in our controls lab to integrate with your facility and process.The Astec wood pellet plant includes Astec TCII controls which are designed to provide maximum real-time control of all operations. Astec also provides customers with controls training on-site, in person and also by telephone from plant set-up and throughout ownership.


Astec engineers know their stuff. They utilize SolidWorks 3D design software to help you build a plant that meets your needs now and in the future. Astec engineers have extensive field-experience and look forward to going to plant sites. Astec offers complete engineering services including foundation, structural and layout services and assistance. An on-staff Environmental Compliance Manager provides expertise to make the permitting process as easy as possible.


The Astec parts department has an excellent reputation of providing fast, professional customer care in getting the parts you need when you need them, as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The Astec service team is available for calls and ready to dispatch personnel to keep your plant running. A fully staffed, dedicated service department means someone is available to offer assistance no matter the time or day.