Plant Equipment (ASTEC)

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  • The Double Barrel®
    Double Barrel, Double Barrel X, Double Barrel XHR

  • V-Pac™
    Stack Temperature Control System

  • Astec Advantage
    Products and Services

  • Warm Mix System
    Mechanically Foamed Asphalt Cement System

  • The Portable Six Pack® Asphalt Plant

  • The Relocatable M-Pack™ Asphalt Plant
    A cost effective, fuel efficient, eco-friendly asphalt mix system

  • Nomad™ Portable Asphalt Plants
    Portable Hot Mix Asphalt Facility

  • Voyager 120™
    120 TPH Portable Asphalt Plant

  • Long-Term Storage Silos
    For Asphalt Facilities

  • Aggregate Drying Burners
    Aggregate Drying Burners For Hot Mix Asphalt Facilities

  • Astec Pulse Jet Baghouse
    For Asphalt Facilities

  • Self-Erecting Bin
    For Portable Asphalt Facilities

  • Cold Feed and Recycle Systems
    For Ashalt Plants

  • The Control Center

  • Thermal Remediation Systems
    Recovery, Remediation and Recycling Product Lines

  • Wood Pellet Plants
    State of the Art, Low Emission, Complete Installations

  • Meet the Neighbors
    Everything you wanted to know about the facility and were afraid to ask

Plant Equipment (DILLMAN)

  • Dillman UniDrum™
    Counterflow Dryer/Drum Asphalt Mixer

  • Dillman Silos
    For Asphalt Plants

  • Dillman Baghouses
    For Asphalt Plants


  • Astec Control Systems
    Total control for hot mix asphalt facilities

  • Intelli-Pac
    Mix Blending Enhancement System

  • PMIII Continuous Mix
    Blending Control

  • TCII Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Controls
    Aggregate Drying Burners For Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

  • TCII Batching Controls
    A cost effective, fuel efficient, eco-friendly asphalt mix system

  • BC3300 Base Burner Control

  • PMII-A Continuous Mix Blending Controls 45" Console with manual controls

  • PMII-B Continuous Mix Blending Controls
    30" Console with manual controls

  • PMII-C Continuous Mix Blending Controls
    Wall mount junction box, no manual controls

  • WM2000
    Truck Management System

Technical Papers

  • T-117
    Segregation: Causes and Cures

  • T-119
    Dryer Drum Mixer

  • T-120
    From Roofing Shingles To Roads

  • T-125
    Evolution of Thermal Remediation

  • T-127
    Milling & Recycling

  • T-129

  • T-138
    Asphalt Production Glossary
    Defines about 375 special terms frequently used by people in the warm and hot mix asphalt industry. Most are not defined in standard dictionaries. 41 pages.

  • T-139
    Baghouse Applications

  • T-143
    Hot Mix Blue Smoke Emissions

  • T-145
    Batch vs. Continuous

  • T-147
    Traditional & Alternative Energy For Hot Mix And Warm Mix Asphalt Plants


Spec Sheets

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